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I also managed to come home with about twice as much pumpkin flax granola as I’d intended today. I like pumpkin flax granola. I do not, however, see any way we’d have eaten the 12 or so cups of granola that ended up in our bag (thank you overly enthusiastic middle child).

I used Ina’s recipe at Food Network, substituting my granola for the dry ingredients. I mixed up the wet, added chopped fruit juice sweetened cranberries and white chocolate chips and tossed the whole gooey mess in a parchment lined pan. It’s baking now.

The oldest and youngest children are the only ones home and have requested pasta with alfredo sauce for dinner. I’mĀ  sort of unenthused, but at least it’s easy. We’ll add broccoli and mushrooms to it to round it out a bit.


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Vanilla Goodness   Leave a comment

I bought vanilla beans at the health food store today. Okay, perhaps I went a bit crazy buying vanilla beans. I should have checked the price before I did this, but such is life.

I have homemade vanilla extract started in a dark kitchen cupboard. I combinedĀ  8 vanilla beans with about 2 1/2 cups of rum. I’m hoping to bottle some of it to give as Christmas gifts. I used Chocolate and Zucchini’s vanilla recipe as the basis for mine.

I’m heading for the kitchen to make vanilla sugar, using Alton Brown’s recipe.

There may be homemade vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake forthcoming in the near future to use up more of the vanilla bean excess.

Posted November 15, 2009 by unusuallyeverafter in Cooking

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