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I’ve been looking for quick projects that will be done sooner rather than later lately.  Jewelry fits the bill nicely.  I ran into this tutorial and picked up ribbon and a string of beads at the craft store last night. Half an hour of quick work with a needle and thread and it’s done.  Horrible, horrible camera phone picture taken after dark… Must think about adding software to improve photos on the Eris.


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On the stove…   1 comment

Once upon a time,  I was a starry eyed girl happy to pass hours in my kitchen laboring over tender brioche doughs and chocolate tarts and potato and sage pizza.  That girl grew up and brioche was replaced by quick cupcakes for the kids and potato and sage pizza by macaroni and cheese. Cooking became a functional task rather than a fun one, one performed as all those other mothering chores were, like scouring toilets and combing hair.

One of my goals this year was to find my way back to the kitchen, and not just to bake (my inherent sweet tooth had preserved that skill and interest).  While my New Year’s resolutions usually fizzle, this one hasn’t. So far this week, it’s been tilapia tacos with a fresh homemade slaw on freshly fried corn tortillas, a warm butternut squash and chickpea salad with roasted asparagus and pita bread,  a tortilla stew with tequila and lime, and tonight it’s homemade potato gnocchi with a mushroom cream sauce and a drizzle of white truffle oil. I’m making extra gnocchi for tomorrow for the kids, as it’s a busy night for us.

Next week will be baked scallops and brown butter goat cheese mashed potatoes, fresh peas and salad;  crockpot honey lentils and roasted cauliflower with homemade bread and salad;  parmesan crusted tilapia with a warm vinaigrette potato salad and something springy…artichokes?; sesame noodles and stir fry.  (Yes, I only plan 4 or so meals a week…the kids eat with Grandma on Friday nights, and we usually do something quick or they pick for Thursday and Saturday).

I’ve got seeds started and an herb garden planted to add fresher flavors to meals this spring and summer.

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The best mushrooms ever   1 comment


In an attempt to find something new and different, I stuffed portobello caps with a mixture of spinach, artichokes, ricotta, parmesan and fresh mozzarella. I topped them with more parmesan and a bit of panko. We drizzled them with a bit of balsamic.

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Sewing…   Leave a comment


I tried my first full bust adjustment and it worked. The top itself did not, but it was intended as an experiment.

I am working on an Amy butler tunic pattern…Anna maybe in a yellow dot. I should finish it tonight. More sewing projects to come.

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Day one, right front completed. Also finished the leg of a sock started yesterday before the games.

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Yarn Stashing   2 comments

First, let’s be honest. I love my yarn stash, possibly like I love no other possession in my home. It’s soft, it’s soothing, and it’s pretty. I add to it when I’m happy, I add to it when I’m sad. It lives in a lovely 1940s buffet, beautifully refinished to a lovely soft shine.  Soft alpaca, shimmering silk, snuggly merino wool and even some rich and coarse wools live in the three drawers and two cabinets of this buffet.

I have come to a sad realization.  The yarn stash is outgrowing its designated storage space. There’s a drawer of odd balls of yarn in my bedroom. It’s not a small drawer, but it only holds leftover bits. Surely that doesn’t count. There’s another drawer in my vanity with more than a few skeins of undyed fingering weight, a couple of skeins of glorious sock yarn, and a few of cotton. They don’t fit anywhere else.

So, with that I’ve decided that the stash simply can’t be allowed to grow. A yarn in-yarn out policy is taking effect in my house. I can live with the yarn stash as it stands, although perhaps some space bags are in order to bring it a bit more under control. Yarn will not be purchased unless an equivalent or near equivalent amount is used up.

I’ll pick up a few smallish plastic bins tomorrow to get the yarn out of the bedroom drawers and tucked under the yarn cabinet. It seems a better choice.

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Tomorrow morning’s breakfast is fresh out of the oven. I started with the chocolate yogurt muffin at using some semi-sweet chips, some milk chocolate, and about 3/4 of a cup of fairly tart dried cherries. This is a very muffin-y muffin, and not at all cupcake-y. It seems quite suitable for breakfast.

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